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All the fighting on yaoi is starting to get ridiculous. Personal opinion once again. I have my pet pairings, I also have that which squicks me. Do I ever beat people down for what they believe is a cute pairing? No.. do I ever flame other people for what floats there boat.. you just shouldn't... that's wrong.

And the whole fact that I look at the community and can't do anything to ease them. (don't want to take sides and if I post anything, I am pretty sure that is what it will be construed as.)

This is almost as bad as the fighting between yaoi lovers and het lovers. It's really interesting.

You know what I'm going to do.. I am going to work on my Sigurd and Citan smut. Yay! *claps* Smut cures stuff like this.. I'll post the Sigurd and Citan smut and everyone will be happy! ^_^

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