April 20th, 2011

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Three posts in the span of a few days. Everyone is probably wondering what they did to merit it. But oh, I just watched the last two episodes of Puella Mahou Magia Madoka (well the last two until they release the finale two episodes on the 22nd.) and I have to say that I'm officially impressed.

I didn't think that a 12 episode anime could be really good. My thing is around 24 - 26 episodes, which I think is enough to suitably wrap up a plotline, and then maybe a second series. (Higurashi had a good thing there, a very good thing). But damn, I'm actually quite amazed at the brilliance that it is, the characters.. I like the characters, and when I got to episode 10, even Homura I started to really like.

And it's all going to be wrapped up in 12 episodes which is sheer brilliance. They have a good thing here I wonder if they realize that. Not a whole lot of anime in my eyes can successfully pull off 12 episodes without being hurried unless it's a haremesque anime.

Now to go find song inspir' for a Sayaka/Kyoko or a Kaname/Homura icon.