March 30th, 2011

Take That♥Tonight this could be

: Take That - Kidz :

You know, I've been so intent with my hiatus that I really forgot to share Take That's latest music video with my friend's list. (Because I'm all about Take That). First though a couple of notes.

1.) Spaceship TT.. both myself and shuufish want to hijack this thing)
2.) Gary Barlow and his KEYTAR!
3.) Jason, your shoes.. oh my god your shoes. (I don't like shoes and yet those shoes make me weep)
4.) Mark is the one who looks like a D&D stylized Merlin.
5.) Howard had a big horned hat in the promo picture, but they took it away.
6.) Such an awesome music video. Just as good as the Flood, I ♥ my boys.

There is also Take That vs Fake That which is of course fun in itself and they're finally letting non british people view it. It involves Jason touching Howard on the leg.. and them auditioning their tribute band while singing "Happy Now" which is my favorite song on the album.

Let it never be said that I didn't try to indoctrinate everyone into the church of Take That.