January 14th, 2011

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I swear.. where do people get off with starting lame-ass rumors like that.

First it was the whole "Take That has an exciting new announcement" and everyone was instantly "Oh my god, ROBBIE IS LEAVING THE BAND". Semantics people, would it be exciting if that were the case? I am not the biggest Robbie fan on the face of the planet but... but seriously? Take a fucking chill pill people. (the hilarity of it was the whole Robbie and Anti-Robbie camps picking up their internet knives in a truly spectacular war and made several people cry and/or go 'what..?" from the logic fail of it all.

Also wonderful statements such as these, "Anyone who does not like Take That as a five piece is not a "TRUE" fan." littered the board. My two cents is that Take That were around as a four piece just as long as they were as a five piece, not to mention there are different styles involved. Do I miss a proper Take That love song? Of course I do.. but the music is much to be expected with Robbie's influence, doesn't make it any less.. just different. (doesn't help that I do sort of miss starlight and sunshine; beautiful worlds and wooden boats)

Just when we thought it was safe, some numbnut says "OMG JASON IS IN THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE HE IS TOO SKINNY" and thereby freaks everyone out (including me) until I found out someone on Twitter said that. We all know how reliable twitter is, it was then called a 'false rumor' but seriously? way to jerk my chain, I've been worried about Jay's thinness for weeks upon weeks so someone spouting shit like that worried me unnecessarily.

If it weren't that I used Take That for a major source of incoming Take That articles (since I don't live in Britain), I'd just delete the damn thing and be done with it. Actually no I wouldn't... but I'd just refrain from checking it every day.

I think that when all is said and done, when faced with the fans who want to screw the lads and stalk them at any given opportunity, and the fans who slash them together via internet fanfiction, I think that I'd take the latter when all is said and done (though there are a few fans who I actually think are really cool and who just want the best for the lads, my girlfriend, shuufish, is one of them.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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While not the greatest anime out there, I finally finished Kaichou wa Maid Sama and the ending was pretty cute. The characters are unique and it grows on you like a parasite, a really cute parasite. So I'm pleased and happy to have finally finished it. It only took me six months to watch it through in it's entirity. Or maybe it was five.. I don't know.

Lots of romance and my favorite character was Usui.. and the bitchy cross-dressing net idol.

Huzzah, I can now officially say that I've finished it, I feel accomplished.