December 31st, 2010

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: Jyuu's Music Picks - 2010 :

This is a proud Nia tradition, I started this a long time ago when I was looking back at the music that I had listened to and realized that my music listening was growth, it was a way for me to easily guage where I had been, what I had done. You know those songs where you go "Gee, I know exactly what I was doing when I first heard it and I know exactly what I felt". Yep, that's how music is for me. It's a ongoing personal journey.

Some examples are:

2009 -Take That-centric

This year was a great year for me because it heralded all sorts of new music. It seems like for ever year of Take That, I seem to need a break. This year I listened to all sorts of things AND I got a new Take That CD (and Keane, and Duran Duran). So it was very thrilling, granted I am still listening to Progress in my car (have all the words memorized now.. as well as key and vocal pitch) but next year I'll be able to look forward to the Progress Tour Concert DVD (of which there will be live tracks.. oh there will be live tracks). So while I'm thinking that it is going to be sad that 2010 is leaving, I just know that 2011 will be all sorts of awesome. So enjoy the music journey through my mind. (and just so you know.. I won't explain them, just put up the lyrics that CLINCHED it for me) Hopefully you will enjoy all the downloads.

Happy New Years everyone! Enjoy the free music!

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I've uploaded so much music in the past twenty four hours that I think that I may perhaps physically throw up mp3s. So I think I'm due for a nice long round of shooting things a'la Fable III style... but since I'm aiming for a good morality, it'll be wolves and small woodland animals.

Anyone wants to add me as a friend (and who may have Fable III), I'm playing under DaddyGo tat's the name. So search me out!