November 19th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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So now, it's time to say goodbye to Klaus Heinz Von Dem Eberback, and say hello to Schwann/Raven who are the current theme of my journal. All graphics made by me. I made shuufish a matching Yuri Lowell theme, so go over to her journal and check that out.


Also, Take That finally has performed "The Flood" Live, and it's a thing of beautiful

The Flood live on the X-Factor

It's pitchy at the beginning but as the boys get into it, it's a thing of beautiful.

Take That is one of those bands where I can never decide -which- album I like best, because Progress is pretty epic in and of itself. It's no Circus, but then the Circus is no Progress either. My point is that it's nearly impossible to compare their last three albums.
Jason☆Give me half as much

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I look at Jason Orange in the X-factor video and all I can think is. "Jay.. you really really need to eat something" because in like the past couple of weeks he's grown really gaunt. I mean like the very beginning of 'Beautiful World" type gaunt when they shot the Patience video. Except Jason actually had longish hair to cloak the way that his cheeks seem hollow. (he needs food and he probably hasn't been sleeping enough)

I'm sad when I worry about people who are out of my sphere of influence to help in some way.