November 7th, 2010

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So we had Take That releasing "The Flood" single today.  Unfortunately there was no B-side on it (I feel jipped) and hence the countdown starts to the release of "Progress" in approximately 7 days.  See, I has a sexy Jason icon, and one day I'll make a Mark icon of the same set.   But honestly I really got excited when I saw that the director for Take That's new album was also in charge of my most favorite New Order song ever, Guilt is a Useless Emotion since that was such a brilliant song.   Yeah, I know it's not going to be similar to what they have done, it's gonna be progressive (ahaha see, Progress) but I'm excited for it, really excited.

I'll also likely find it for download somewhere, and since I do have my hard copy coming, I'll download it.   Progress will be my car copy because there wll be a few months where I will listen to NOTHING but that CD in my car.

Take That fever has hit me pretty hardcore, and you guys will probably be like "OH GOD JYUU STOP IT, STOP THE MADNESS".  But I just can't help it.   So I apologize.

if me prattling on about Take That over and over makes you want to un-add me.  While it'll make me sad, go ahead.. unfortunately this is my big big big music-love and I will fangirl it, shamelessly.