September 12th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


You know, I was on my way to and grumbling about the whole 'damn it Take That, release an album title, you're like two months away from your album god damn it we deserve a title'. and then low and behold.


Despite the fact that I am still very much apathetic with the whole Robbie rejoining, I was thrilled to see an actual album title.

It is..

Back as One

A single is to be released November 8th, that will have their song "The Flood" along with the B-side track "In Your Arms". I'm contemplating the aquisition of this single because I obsessively collect Take That b-sides (but they are so good, how else would we get such treasures as "84", "Throwing Stones", "Six in the Morning Fool" and "Beautiful Morning".)

It is evident that the mighty Take That gods are watching over me.

(somehow just them I got this mental image of Take That ga Miteru. Where Gary takes Mark as a bouton and Mark goes and makes Robbie his petite souer. SOMEHOW THAT IS TEAR INDUCING. HALP!)
Take That♥Tonight this could be

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It's funny how a friend I had a long time ago during the kurohyou era, I happened to find posting on the Take That lj community. Funny how things like that happen, so anyways welcome back to my flist vampyran. Enjoy your stay, this place will eventually become "Take That" central again (just like it was last year at this time after the entire "The Circus" concert.)