August 10th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: Icon Meme :


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IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU: When I fill up the icon space that I already have, then yes I will invest in more icon space.
DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: I think my icons tell a story of me and what exactly goes on in my head. Want to know my soul.. look at my icons.
WHAT FANDOM DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Tales fandom definitely, because it's an addictive soul sucking parasite.
AND THE SECOND MOST: Oh, probably Final Fantasy or Gundam00
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: I try not to have too many singular ship icons, I like to spread my interests out.
ARE YOUR ICONS MADE MOSTLY BY OTHER PEOPLE: Nah, I don't use any icons that are not made by me (even though I know so many talented iconists.. it's the fact that they are so personalized and they usually trigger something in me when I make them.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: I don't really know, there are alot of icons that I remake over and over and they never ever ever turn out right, I usually focus on the negative instead of the positive when it comes to any skill I may or may not have.
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: I don't really do animated icons, though there are a few that I'd like (like in the last episode of the taiwanese hana-kimi, always lusted after an icon of Umeda winking.)

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: 30 days of music meme - day 24 :

Day 24 - A song you want to play at your funeral.

Take That - Rule the World (abbey road version)

You know, I was thinking about this seriously. Death is not something that I can really think of seriously without really bursting into tears. At first I wanted to make it so that it was something completely insane and really not realistic (like "World Full of Nothing" by Depeche Mode, which wouldn't of been the appropos choice) however this song sort of clicked, but it'd have to be the Abbey Road version which is more low key, because honestly.. I don't want my death to be turned into a broadway production. no thank you Take That.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: lol.. buttsex:


What does my flist feel about the whole 'vic mignogna once again getting his claws into a canonically gay character'?

For anyone who hasn't heard, the most anti-yaoi of the anti-yaoi voice actors, Vic Mignogna, has gotten cast as Greece in the Hetalia dub. For anyone who also doesn't know, Vic tried to tell millions of fangirls that he was the authority on Fai and not CLAMP (and thus insisting that CLAMP would never draw their characters in compromising positions with members of the same sex *cough*)

You know what I think he does? I think he goes in, tries for the gayest character in a series AND THEN HE PLAYS THEM AS STRAIGHT.

Doesn't change my opinion of the characters though. Tamaki was a stretch yes (I will give him Tamaki who could potentially be straight for Haruhi even though I'm much more a fan of his relationship with Kyouya) but Fai was being done in the ass by Kurogane, and I'm pretty sure that's not just a fangirl's opinion, also... Greece and Japan, did it, done it and got a postcard of it to send to relatives back home.