July 24th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: 30 days of music meme - day 09 :

Day 09 - A song that you dance to.

Mark Owen - Believe in the Boogie

This my friends is skankbot 3000 however his genus name is Mark Owen. That is aside the point however because this song is totally danceable. I've danced to this countless times as this was Midori's FIRST FAVORITE SONG. I played this and for a good two or three months, all she wanted to listen to was this song. And whatever she listens to excessively and on repeat is something that she dances to. Who gets dragged into dancing to it? YOU GUESSED IT. Me.

I just noticed that Mark Owen is wearing a whore belt. OK~AY. Anyways, highly addictive, and heaven forbid that you not DANCE IN A CIRCLE WHEN HE SINGS "we're just moving in circles". Midori is a nazi like that.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Reading back over some old entries (like 2005 entries.. couldn't take 2001 because honestly, I was a big idiot way back then, it was almost painful to read the few entries that I did) I am also trying to find the date that me and shuufish first met. I did come across a win entry of mine (oh gods, they are so rare)

Silly people.. since Spongebob is a sponge.. and has no outies.. does that make him bottom? And even more intriquing.. if he has no outies.. but rather 10 million INNIES.. then does that make him a female.. or does that make him a.. I don't know.. SPONGE!

January 21st, 20065.


Yes, my abuse of ellipsis was intensely horrendous and hey at least I don't drop solarian italics like no one's business. That post was also in response to the whole 'spongebob is gay' thing that was running rampant at the time.

Some things, despite the time.. doesn't change.. like my pondering the sexuality of one inconsequential sponge. GO ME.