June 24th, 2010

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Well before I go into my ranty-rant, I just have to say it is hard to find pictures of 'mommy' and 'daddy' from Durarara!!. (Kadota & Togusa). Mainly because I really like that pairing and so does shuufish Why do I think that Kadota should be drawn wearing an outfit similar to that idol singers?

NOW ON TO THE RAMBLY RANT. You guys are lucky, I got laid last night by the most beautiful girl in the world so that will probably pull my punches quite a bit.

My subject of the day.

Fan Superiority

It happens. That being said, I really just hate it when people adopt that superior attitude. Yes, I've done it in the past. This was back when I was younger so yes, it's probably something in regards to youth, but being older and perhaps a teensie bit wiser, whenever I see it displayed in action, I just go.. "Ugh, why would you do that?" because in all honestly, it leads to feelings of alienation. (there are certain fandoms who actually are pretty good about the fan superiority, like the Hetalia fandom where it's acknowledged that pretty much everything could be considered canon if you look at it hard enough and so everyone is more inclined to be friends.)

Fan Superiority are one of the main proponents behind things like 'anonymous hate memes' and you all know exactly why I hate those. I think that hate memes are weak and childish and I am against absolutely anything that propegates hate in any form. I realize that not everyone is going to like everything in fandom -but- I think that there has to be a certain ammount of tolerance expressed regardless of what pairing you like.

And yes, I think that fan superiority is directly based on pairings.

Why you ask? Because I've noticed that when I've replied to friending memes, I've been more likely to get people to talk to -me- based on if I left some vauge remark on pairings and saying that I don't 'do' them, rather then if I left a detailed list of all my pairings. It is because pairings I think are SERIOUS BUSINESS. We all have pairing preferences even if we don't mention them and I think that if you like even one pairing that someone else doesn't like, chances are that person may not give you the time of day.

It's the main reason why in friending memes, I skip over the people who have a zillion comments, and I go for the people who have barely one, I will look over their interest and find something that I think is awesome, and I will friend them based on that, because everyone likes to feel special and wanted in a friending meme, they want to be AWESOME. I do not add people just because they are friends of my friends, I go out of my way to make the circle bigger in other ways. And honestly, I've seen alot of assholes out there with a rightous sense of entitlement who skip over perfectly awesome people because they want to be BNF and/or popular.

Of course, I also really think that I admire people who are popular in their own right, like myaru and measuringlife who are well respected without having to act childish about it. Their attitude reflects mine: "I like what I like, if you don't like it.. you can gtfo out" (though seriously, they are much more elegant about it)

My call to all the fandom people on my flist: Look for hidden treasures. Quantity does not always necessitate quality. Poke around the crevices, you know.. sometimes the pretties flowers are not the most showy ones.