May 13th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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+ 4 more icons to go until a Soylent Update! (it's about time). Completing the requests will be my first order of business upon waking up later today.

+ Played no Vesperia this weekend, however I had lots of yummy Raven/Yuri RP tiemz with the girlfriend, in which of course they get drunk and then start to just molest each other, it's seriously just mutual!raep, that is it. (HEY EVERYONE GUESS WHO PLAYS FISHY OLD MAN, YES ME! AS IF THE ICON DID NOT TIP YOU OFF!)

+ I smell like my girlfriend, I think that it's just the nicest smell in the world. ♥ Seriously, if I bring my shirt to my nose, I can seriously smell her. :happy sigh: Of course Lala is giving me judgement glare, no surprise there.

+ Today we went to the Breaks Interstate Park and got lost on the way there, we eventually found our way (because we have the mad skills) however roommate and girlfriend's sisters were in car and got frustrated. But oh my god, when they called to say they were going home, WE WERE LIKE FIVE MILES AWAY.. SERIOUSLY. We had to turn around AT THE GATE. We came back and had KFC on the porch which was all awesome however stray Raven!Cat (fishy old mangy cat) tried to sneak some chicken.. we wouldn't let him. Poor cat!

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: Soylent Update :

*Previous Requests filled - CAN BE FOUND @ Isoylent

First Three people to comment must give me a choice of TWO subjects I can icon for isoylent (they can be characters and/or pairings, as well as general series or places and/or food.) Then I will put out three icons of the subject I pick out of your choices. +I can refuse to icon something on grounds that I don't know that series enough but then you can re-request another. +if you want to keep one or two for sole usage, then that's awesome.. just be sure to clarify it or else it will go on isoylent.

1.) *request slot belongs to skyships
2.) | Tales of Vesperia | 2 Yuri Lowell + 1 Raven/Yuri | requested by shuufish
3.) | Misc | Things that are Blue | requested by moonshinefaerie |
4.) | Misc | Maps - not road maps | requested by zukkii
5.) | Food | Brightly coloured bar drinks that are not green | puppy_sariel
6.) | Naruto | Main Teams *groups* | requested by ivy_tsuta
7.) | Hetalia | Characters in the Rain | requested by neera_pendragon
8.) | Tales of Symphonia | Sheena | requested by skylocks
9.) | Misc | Tea | requested by _yaten_kou_
10.) | Naruto | Sai | requested by moonherb
11.) | Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex | GEN | requested by newtype

Requests are FILLED