April 30th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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More Tales of Vesperia to have been played this weekend. Raven never ceases to amaze me what with his, "LOOK THERE IS A KITTEN WITH A HANDGRENANDE" when in response to the fact that he is actually *coughcoughcoughspoilercoughcough*. (No, I didn't say it so quite complaining that I'm spoileringz you). Also my hair is red with blonde streaks now, I went into walmart where I work though and I heard a girl exclaim "NIA! WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?" and I was like "I made it more fun..."

Why do people think that just because I'm older, that I should act like a fuddy duddy. Screw that, I'm gonna have fun and do fun things. If they want to censure it, I only tack it up to the fact that they are sad because they don't have the courage to do even half the things I do.

I also got the most awesome shoes, they are designed to give you a workout because of the sole (which sort of resembles a boat) Scetchers has a version called 'shape-ups'. Shu and I walked the kids to the park today and definitely could feel it in my leg muscles and just a simple walk was definitely tiring me out a little bit. Yes I intend on wearing these things to work. Crazy? Perhaps but they are really awesome!

I am going to bed, hopefully Lala won't kill me while I sleep. But that's a constant thing I hope before I go to bed every morning.