April 29th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: Twin Star Icon Pick-Up :

Because I'm on a serious Tales kick, all thanks to shuufish (which she will get a thousand kisses for). But seriously, Yuan and Kratos.. what's not to love about them and yes I do ship them, because I absolutely will not pair up Kratos with Lloyd.) And I was in a sappy mood after tonight so I really just wanted to do that. ♥ So twin star icons. Hurrah!

Going to get my icon textures out tonight though before I go to bed.. just so I can say that I actually did something. >.>

It's the truth that I really just adore a mental connection, but I sort of like to be apart of a person in all ways, intimate, physical, emotional and mental. I feel more together, much happier then I've been in a while. It's not that I need to evaulate myself in the eyes of a person, it's just that I really just like being close to Shu. You know when you find that person that just clicks with you? Yeah that's what I'm saying.

So anyways off to get Pleroma done for El-Katimus. ♥