April 4th, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I have actually been following closely the news article in which a CNN writer stumbles across an ero-game from Japan that is pretty explicit in the usage of rape, and thereby goes on a tangent about how Japan is a place of sin and iniquity, and that they are morally lawless and such things. (it sort of is in keeping with that senator who said that "Anime is the reason why two nukes weren't enough"). Now I in no way endorse rape, I think it is a vile and hideous crime (though RAEP is fine.. there is a vast difference) but I think that this is an issue of 'calling the kettle black'. You don't want your child to get a hold of it, censor their internet time, you can easily block sites like 4chan or such where such things could be gotten with a drop of a hat. And while you're at it, maybe keep down the senseless violence video games, you know.. no more Grand Theft Auto or movies where people get randomly shot in the face.

But my personal opinion, the american press has no right to throw stones at a country who's 'rape statistics' are far lower. Japanese people can handle games about rape because I think they have a largely different viewpoint toward this, they aren't as easily suggestable as america at large is.

But seriously, everything that I could say, Strike Witches Creator Nogami Takeshi says it better

"He who hath no sin, cast the first stone". I really do not think America has the Moral Upper Hand required to do that.