January 31st, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Sorry about the post last night everyone. I was feeling really vulnerable. I mean honestly it gets like that at times. I am normally very positive and upbeat but there are certain concurrances in my life that when they do arise, are very painful. However I've worked them out with Shu and we are back at an agreement. There is five years of history there, and when things happen and something throughs things off kilter, it's almost really.. I guess momumental. But never would I close the book or even rip out the pages because that's five years of my life. Yeah, that'll never happen. That is five years that I care too much about to give up.

Everything has been worked out and there's nothing that a good talk won't fix. Thank you all for your kind wishes and good thoughts. I really appreciate them all.

Shuu will always be my twin star. The one whom I have such an amazingly deep creative connection to, the one whom is pretty much hardwired into my brain so that sometimes we think the exact thing at the exact time and we both laugh, unknowingly, for the same reasons.