January 23rd, 2010

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: From the west to the east, I have flown to be near you :

Well both shuufish and I finished Tales of Abyss. There are many things that we had to giggle over, especially the end battle where Guy and Luke both went at Van at the same time and then I was like "HEY IT'S THE BAD-TOUCHED BOY REUNION" (because Van so touches little boys inappropriately, so does Anise.. but she's different). And then Shu was like "You know, they probably found each other hiding in the same closet with the opening pick up line of 'did he bad touch you too?'.

Ahahahaha, I have a real winner!

And no, Jade so wasn't going to cry, he is so gar that he doesn't even cry manly tears (but neither does Asch)

Because Soren wouldn't sleep, we started Kobato which is sugar, spice and everything nice. But this is CLAMP, and you know how CLAMP is... Someone's eyes are going to get poked/gouged/clawed out.

My love of Jyuushirou Ukitake has been refueled~ so expect at least six or so icons over at isoylent in THE NEAR FUTURE.

But damn it, why did Asch have to die and leave Natalia alone. WHAT KIND OF ENDING IS THAT? (:sniffs:)

Just goes to show that some bad-touched boys just don't make it to the reunion.

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