August 20th, 2009

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Let'a aee, I'm on my straight seventh day of work, I decided to work my days off in an attempt to work some overtime and earn some money. My paycheck also was very happy this week, you know why.. because the motherfuckers GAVE ME MY VACATION. That means that I wracked up a good couple of days of pay (plus I worked). It would of been nice to have actually had the time off, but oh well.. shit happens. Not something I can do anything about now. I still have two days of personal time I suppose, which I can take.

I have also found something that really sparks my interest.

Going through the library, I stumbled across a book that looked rather interesting, called "The Boleyn Inheritance" it was the story of King Henry's fourth and fifth wives I think. But anyways it was insanely good. So I went back and checked out "The other Boleyn Girl". And whathold. A REALLY GOOD BOOK. So now I've bought the series "The Tudors" and I'm watching it. the girl who plays Anne Boleyn, fricking hot. But at any rate, it's a good series. Worthy of my time.

I want to see the movie, "The Other Boleyn Girl" and I probably will.. eventually. I think the main attraction is alot of blood. Hehe. I tend to like bloody periods of history too.. I wonder why.

I have nothing else to report, ahahahaha.