August 11th, 2009

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: Retail World Order :

Well I should of gotten a t-shirt that proclaimed that I survived "ANOTHER" inventory.

The Retail Dictatorship that I work for had it's yearly inventory, they decided to do the 'smart' thing and do it right after the opening of the new store. Normally it'd probably be a good thing, after all by that time we should of cleaned out the old store and everything. Considering though that we downsized alot of the departments in order to carry the food and grocery section, that was better in theory then it was in actual deed.


Seriously, softlines was a fricking mess. They put me over there to put away return carts, and I tell you that it was like wanting to rip my hair out, because everything in the carts I was trying to put up was obviously leftovers from the departments that got downsized once we got into this new store. Oh oh oh and that wasn't the best part, neither is this part that I'm going to tell you.. they wanted us to make sure that everything was perfectly deep zoned (now the difference between deep zoning and regular zoning is in the sizing. A deep zoned softline is sizzed, zoned and arranged by colour, a regular zoned is folded nicely and made to look presentable.

So anyways I go through it and then 6 o'clock was when the inventory team came in, armed with their gadjets. But also was the district softline manager. Well we got called into girlswear because people had stuffed the shirts in the middle of the table (where they are not supposed to be). I checked the names and I seethed when I saw the number.. it was Frannie, ruining it for EVERYONE on night shift. (the whole subject of Frannie is definitely saved for a different post). Then softlines once again proves that it doesn't know how to properly do it's job in a timely manner and a big cart of breakboxes are wheeled out, these have not been inventory prepped (and everything, absolutely everything had to be accounted for, that's all apart of inventory).

In comes district manager with a rollbar and is like "You guys.. take care of this now." and then she looks at the overnight stockers who are working some of the hopeless cases in the cart and says almost snidely. "That is if you actually -know- how to do it". I mean seriously, this woman probably lacked the capability to view the world from anywhere other then down the length of her nose. Gods, I wanted to punch her and cause blood to gyeser all over her non-walmart brand, no doubt expensive, silk shirt.

Oh but I was privy to the ass-reaming she was given by Assistant Night Manager Dana. Oh gods, that was splendid. Even though Dana is a 'mega-bitch', at least she is a fair mega-bitch who does it to people who deserve it.

Still though I came off the shift with a huge-ass migraine and a gladness that I didn't volunteer to work overtime tonight. If I had volunteered monday morning, I wouldn't of been able to get out of it. Honestly, I'm quite happy that I managed to survive yet another inventory and it really furthers my belief that I never ever ever want to be a department manager. EVER.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Okay in an unspected little smidgen of good fortune, it's easier to get wireless from where I am. So I'm on. I've been watching Azumi, the japanese assasin movie that Matt Hodges leant me, and oh boy I've found my favorite character.

Beautiful man - check
Excessively vain - check
Mad Sword Skills - check
Flaming homosexual - check

My world has been made just a wee bit brighter. I have to own this movie for the mere fact that I am amused as hell by him. It's a good movie anyways, lots of blood.. and you won't see me turn up my nose at lots of blood.