June 15th, 2009

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

: watching - Rose of Versailles :

I have this feeling that Oscar and Andre are going to end up making me very sad, very much like how it got to the point where Princess was so depressing for Leo and Eshild that I just wanted to avert my eyes. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure I've just hit the downward spiral and I just know that it isn't going to get any better.

I can't really say anymore because I'm saving it all for the review after I finish watching this series, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be lengthy.

Really, it's not to say that I'm not enjoying this series, it's incredibly good which is really fueling my overwhelming love for the old school stuff, you know.. the anime and manga that EVERYONE should watch and/or read.

13 more episodes to go. I can't believe that I got that far in a weekend, I really can't. But when something engages me like that, it's really hard for me to stop and I just grow obsessive with it until I finish it. I can list a whole lot of series that were exactly like that, that captured the core of my obsession. Rose of Versailles I think can be listed among those series.

And Andre, yeah.. he's a hottie. Just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I can't appreciate the animated man-flesh (drawn so perfectly) or Take That for that matter.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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It was funny though when I was drifting off to sleep early this morning a certain song came on my ipod called "In Our Bedroom After the War" and I was just struck with divine inspiration for a fic for Rose of Versailles though I'm going to watch it to the end before I even begin to write the fic, but there were certain lines just struck me and I think it's very much fitting of the entire series.

I've fallen in love with this series, really I have. Ah, Oscar/Andre.. how you fire my heart.

Now if only I could actually kick out some RoV icons damn it.

Also, Take That's new single is out, "Said it All" plus a song SUNG BY MARKIE entitled "Throwing Stones" which I want, but sadly I need to live in britian in order to order it on itunes :Shakes fist: Damn you, Itunes, damn you.