September 4th, 2008

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I've gone Fire Emblem mad.

Favorite couples? Ike/Soren and Shinon/Gatrie.

Ike is such a tactless bastard, that is why I love him.. and I know Soren secretly likes it, and Shinon.. definite asshole. (Todd a few nights ago was like "Wow Nia, you sure latch on to the strangest characters" in regards to my sudden Shinon-love.)

But anyways, yes. Fire Emblem. MY NEW CRACK. (And you are like.. 'But Nia, I thought Crisis Core was your new crack'.) Remember kids.. I change fandoms like underwear... once and in some special circumstances TWICE a day.

My hair is also no longer blonde with black tips. It's strawberry blonde (I mean my hair is the blondest that it's ever BEEN since a chilld, seriously) and tomorrow I go in to get darker lo-lights. *as well as a few pale blonde streaks*) It's very exciting.
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