March 4th, 2008

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Antique Bakery to be ANIMATED

Antique Bakery: A manga about four guys in a cake shop. It is not yaoi (though the mangaka has written ALOT of really smutty boy on boy stuff) but it does have a guy who is gay, and another guy who falls prey to his demonically gay charm *without the two actually doing it*. The manga is not like alot of yaoi manga out there, it's known for a heartfelt sweetness and rapport between the four characters, and it has been my favorite light manga series (It's sort of like Cafe Kichiouji except with more gay).

Series like these I think always get overlooked for the more smutty and pr0ny ones, the simple sweet series that gives you a really good feeling in your heart without a whole lot of sexual tension. Where the characters are who they are and with no apologies whatsoever.. the owner of the cafe who is very much straight, his demonically charming gay baker, the owner's bodyguard who somehow falls prey to that charm, and then the young up-in starting baker ex-boxer who decided that boxing was not for him and instead wanted to bake.

I am seriously going to be cruising for this anime when it comes out in July. It's slated to be approximately 12 episodes.


The only thing that could of made me happier was if they had told me that HanaKimi was going to be animated. Unfortunately no.. sad day. (because Gay doctors pwn Gay Bakers.. EVERY TIME)
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