December 22nd, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Yui & Lunneth: The Dreamseer~

Yui - & Jeriah as Lunneth -

Title: Dreamseer
Song Inspir: "Breath after Breath" by Duran Duran
Fandom: Many, though right now this concentrates primarily on Xeno.. though there are more aspects to Asthartia then just the Xeno-verse. This is mine and shuufish's huge original setting with the generous insertion of fandom characters. When we RP we figure that we can do anything we damn well right.
Pairing: Yui/Shion, Lunneth/Solinth(Jeriah/Jakob) and Heyven/Sigele (all implications)
Note: I had fun creating the religion for Asthartia which is intensely complex. The starting point was that two priestesses have the next heir to the Asthartian throne so I had to figure out the dynamics of that.. and then came the little bit of Lunneth/Solinth romanticism. For those who also don't know, Heyven and Sigele are the female versions of Hyuga and Sigurd. Hyuga and Sigurd also make an appearance, Hyuga as the King of Asthartia, and Sigurd as his Carilean consort. The Nine Priestesses are women who are the most holy of holy to Lunneth and thus are not supposed to be touched by men in a sexual or intimate way, they are what are called dove riders and their doves are named after the nine muses in Greek mythology. (Yeah you can tell I put alot of thought into this)

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I just majorly culled my icons. Because it's the start of the new year, I'm just tossing out all of the ones that I'm ambivilant about and just throwing them out. And what is the magic number of icons I'm left with? Eleven. Let's see what I fill my icon box up with. Though I've stuck with a few, I saved all other icons though.. and I'm quite eager to see what things I'll icon throughout the next year.
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