October 5th, 2007

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This morning I am insanely happy. I uploaded my tripsense data to Progressive and I get a 23 percent discount on my next premium, and I've done the math and it's over a 100 dollars that I don't have to pay. SCORE! And so my premium is going to get smaller, which is nice.. I love manageable little bits and doses. I swear the Tripsense bits are ingenious, I hope that more states get it just because.. well wow.

Oh yes, even though he'll never read it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD. Today will be fun birthday party type stuff. (and by party it's probably Applebees and LoTRonline tiem).

Today the entire management staff at Penny's won't be there which will be both nice and hectic. (crossposted to GJ as well..)

Hi everyone at LJ! I do occasionally post to prove to people that I'm not dead.. so see, I'm NOT DEAD!
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