August 16th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I am updating from work since my work has free computers.. I rarely use them since I am so busy but today we are not so much. Sorry I've not been updating that much, I figured I wouldn't when I realized that I was creating my fic journal and icon journal for over at Greatestjournal. However I do enjoy hearing from everyone and in fact I did finish the anime 12 Kingdoms last night.

Wow, I've no words for how awesome that series is, however it ended at such a point where I know there is more.. it's a shame the anime never continued. I hope of course that they start releasing the novels quickly because I really do want to see what happens to Taiki, King En and Youko. >.<

Also been whoring myself out to Gaia Online. I got two of the monthly collectables, well three.. one of them Umeda has to sorta earn. Not as good as the Fireflower by any means but still a whole lot of fun to be had. Well that's about it for updating and I really hope that you all have a wonderful afternoon!