August 9th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~All I hear is that lonesome sound~

Todd, shuufish and Midori went on their trip to Maine and I now have the house to myself for the next ten days. It's going to be really really lonely around here with just Twister, Dixie and Prim around for company. Good thing I have work to worry about. I just hope for safe travels for them with all my heart. It's really a wonder when three people get so ingrained into your life that you just know you are going to miss them and their presence alot.

Also yesterday I had Jay (from work) say that he thought that on the first day he met me that I was hitting on me, and that he wanted to ask me out, but Rob (the one who worked their previously) was like, "Umm no, believe me, she's not hitting on you" (because he knows I am a lesbain) and just last weekend Rob told Jay exactly that I was a lesbian and that is why I wouldn't go out with him.. it was nice of Rob to save him the actual rejection by me.

But I will admit it is nice when people 'want' to date me.. regardless of gender, and it's flattering too.

I think I may make a sandwhich at work tonight and take it home with me.
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