July 26th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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So evidentally Vic Mignogna (voice actor for Fai in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) or whatever his name is actually got ahold of CLAMP and asked them if Fai and Kurogane were homosexual for each other.

And reportedly (according to Vic) they said 'no". *and this is only from watching the 9 minute rant*

I find this hard to believe on several levels.

CLAMP is very elusive.. they neither confirm nor deny things. It's how they operate and a good reason of why I love them. Anyone asks, I highly doubt that they would give a straight answer.. because they are LIKE that. As kaitou_marina stated, they know limited english and Vic knows limited Japanese. You can see where that would get very FUN to muddle through. Seriously though, I could say that they would say 'yes' but even I know that isn't the truth. This is CLAMP you are dealing with after all, they make money off of faceplanting millions of fangirls everywhere.

Try a little harder, Vic. Try to make your lies more convincing and then -maybe- people will believe them. (that is why I think that religion and ethics should stay the hell out of anime.. because Vic is turning his anime career into an anti-buttsecks pro-jesus-christ campaign and I have no problem with that.. but not a whole lot of people are going to be listening to him at anime-cons where the main point of them -are- fantasy worlds and unreality)

It is obviously a very clamp-ranty week.