July 25th, 2007

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You know, I was thinking.. and well since Duran Duran is my favorite band. (for realz) I thought that since there is a Duran Duran song for me in every mood, there has to be a Duran Duran song for every muse. So I'm going to endeavor to pinpoint the major ones and tack a song to them (and maybe some of the minor muses too)

Duran Duran.. MUSE EDITION!

Hyuga (Xenogears) = "Midnight Sun"
Jin (Xenosaga) = "Serious"
Citan (Xenogears) = "My Own Way"
Ukitake (Bleach) = "Big Bang Generation"
Hakkai (Saiyuki) = "Shadows on your Side"
Umeda (HanaKimi) = "A Matter of Feeling"
Iruka (Naruto) = "Palomino"
Remus (HP) = "New Moon on Monday" (ahahahaha I made a funny!)
Setzer (FF6) = "I Take the Dice"

There are way more muses.. but that's it right there. I realize that alot of those songs, not very many people have heard, but then I am very much for obscure Duran Duran.. I have on my playlist a few b-sides that have never made it's way to the airwaves, and I hope to get that boxed set of remixes, because damn that would be awesome (and expand my Duran Duran collection.

And now to complete the list. My TOP 10 favorite Duran Duran songs.

1. Ordinary World
2. Falling Angel (mysterious b-side.. never appeared on any of their albums)
3. Serious
4. Breath after Breath
5. New Religion
6. Want You More
7. The Chauffer
8. The Seventh Stranger
9. Michael
10. Nice
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~People are dumb~

I like hot man on man action..

But I hate it when people think that just because I -like- yaoi, I 'obviously' think females are worthless. SO NOT TRUE. Yes, it is true that alot of fans give us buttsecks loving fans a bad rep HOWEVER generalities also suck. I happen to like ALOT of female characters, and I have a few pet het ships that are very dear to me. But I'm not constricted by canon, because canon means very little to me. (though I'm thrilled where canon works out with me.. like Clamp, Clamp is notorious for spreading the male/male and female/female love.. never have been disappointed with Clamp, with their Seishirou/Subaru, Touya/Yukito and now Fai/Kurogane.)

But some people that think that all females that Clamp makes are sues. WHAT-THE-FUCK ever. I might of been able to take her seriously.. but then she had to state that she would prefer characters such as Kotori if Clamp had made them guys. FAGGOTRY!.

She's only worried about people 'breaking' her ship. Especially us evil Ashura-ou fans who evidentally WANT TO BREAK UP THE FAI/KUROGANE LOVE. (excuse me, Ashura-ou probably has his own man-slave hiding away somewhere.. by the name of Taishakuten)
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