July 24th, 2007

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Inspired by both the Within Temptation songs, "Frozen" and "Ice Queen". It looks like Hakkai is going to have to share Within Temptation with Lord Ashura. (Of course they both like completely different songs, so that's a good thing... because Hakkai has claimed "Angels", "The Howling" and "Running up that Hill" and Lord Ashura has claimed "Frozen", "Ice Queen" and "Memories". )

My hard-on for RG Veda knows no bounds, seriously. Though I DO LOVE Ashura-ou's presence in Tsubasa.. and to all those people who are 'still' hating on Ashura-ou (*rolls eyes*) because he is being 'mean' to Fai and Kurogane. Grow the fuck up. First it was because Ashura-ou evidentally wanted into Fai's pants, and then now it is because he is causing him and Kurogane to fight. (And I bet those people are the same people who cheered when Seishirou killed Hokuto because she was a girl. >.<) A clamp villian should NEVER be judged by what they do..' until they very end.. because while Clamp villians do pretty dispicable things, they have this way of revealing something redeemable about them, or something that makes them 'human'. And I can guarentee that Ashura-ou has his reasoning and it'll turn out well and good in the end. I remember myself and Alexi's run-in with the Clamp Villian (*won't mention the series because it's a spoiler.. but ho-damn*)

I want to read ficcage of Ashura-ou.. might just have to write it myself. Dammit.

And did I mention.. I'm a Snape/Lily fan? Yes, you heard that right.
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