July 16th, 2007

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I would just like to say that Gaia eats your soul. However most of my avatars have what they want. (Lots of expensive things now) I just bought Jyuukoi (My Ukitake avvy) a Enchanted Instrument completely for the little clef ear things which make him look so freaking adorable (and will complete his avatar once he gets the second gift of the goddess.)

Hyuga only needs TWO MORE ITEMS to complete his own.. and since Umeda's items are WAY too expensive.. we are going to buy up collectibles for him and store them until they become ripe and then we're going to use that money to save up.

But Umeda got a Fire Flower.. and he's using the fiery mask to dispell against Akiha kisses That is until the mun turns his fire mask into a flower wreath

I love monthly collectibles because they can change into other things SOOOO easily.

Also me and shuufish is starting on our grand AU that answers the time old question, "What if Sigurd -hadn't- gone down to the surface to rescue his brother" (We have a part of it written, the wedding proposal.. but everything before that was just AIM muse logs) So now I'm hoping that in this AU we get to RP Racquel beating Jesiah around... because that'd be FUN!
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