July 12th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

(no subject)

1.) I want to punch Sano. (he's trying too hard)
2.) Mizuki -is- very similar to the manga version.. but unfortunately Ella has endeared herself to me with her portrayal of Mizuki.
3.) First meeting of Umeda.. not impressed. This doesn't bode well.
4.) Nanba IS amusing. Probably the most amusing part of the show. (I am not at all sure if Nanba is enough for me to actually -watch- it.)
5.) The fangirls at every corner is annoying... also the pep squad from the sister school. I want to punch them all too.
6.) The second scene with Umeda in it was a little bit more interesting.. though the smile wasn't EXACTLY on par.. it was closer then the first time. He's still under-trying.
7.) I take that part about Nanba back.. he's a whore.. and not an interesting whore at that.
8.) Nakajima's cloak is kinda spiffy though.
9.) All in all.. the drama. It was whacked out.. and not in the good way that the T-drama was.

10.) Though Umeda has potential.. more potential then I thought originally. Still does that automatically redeem the show. Not really.