June 4th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Wow, holy 'what the fuck my dreams.. what are you trying to prove'?" they were messed up. That's all I'm gonna say. They involved this one girl that worked at popeyes. Now she was one of the few that I liked, she was also jailbait.. and well in my dream, all I can remember is making out with her and trying to avoid her parents. (yes Alexi, it was that one girl that you commented on about walking from the employee parking lot at the specified time, the one with the cute rear). Of course there were other obstacles involved, and I woke up and Prim and 4chan were snuggled up next to me.

Today at Wal-Mart I need to get a Laundry Hamper and probably some thumb tacks. (So I can put up my post it board as well as the wall scrolls and pictures I have.. Oh yes also need to remove the screws to the mirror that is attached to the closet. Because seriously.. sleeping with a mirror in my room. oh my god, no. That thing goes back into the closet where I will live in perpetual fear of opening my closet until the mirror is covered in junk. (and when you come down, pimp_kitten, it is not acceptable to unearth it and tape it to my ceiling.. I -will- throw you in Lake Michigan for a stunt like that.. as well as any beating heart tape recordings you manage to obtain).

Today I go start the bank account, and after I get this done, I am going to go shower. Mmm shower. That sounds really nice. Was too exhausted to take a shower last night, must remedy it tonight.