May 25th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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This is my last friday in Mountain Home. Today is all day with Alexi, we are going many places in Boise and the day is probably going to be jammed packed. Of course I'm taking my Digital Camera because I do want little pictures of haunts that we used to go to in Boise. (I probably will end up eating lunch at Hooters with him... because it was a place we went to often). Also I'm hoping to pick up the Novelizations of The Twelve Kingdoms. *crosses fingers* That will be what I'll read whenever I stop or get to my hotel on the first leg of the trip. (Because the second part I'll be staying with an old high school friend.) *of course this is all according to if I'm TIRED.. I'm thinking that I'll probably stop in Cheyenne or a little out of it*

Oh yes, and Hakkai REALLY likes Within Temptation. I don't blame him, the music is just damn awesome.
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