May 23rd, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~More about HanaKimi and random glee~

So anyways a few people on my flist brought up the whole question, "The sad thing is that there are going to be people who watch the japanese drama and not give the Hua Yang (HanaKimi) a chance because they are too intent on the j-drama for the cast". You know my response to this?

Fuck them. I mean if it is true that the company is taking all sorts of of liberties with the drama, then seriously anyone who is going to prefer the J-drama over the T-drama (and Manga) are really no fans of the series at all. All I've seen in that HanaKimi post is that there is a bunch of fantardish name-dropping. That is all. (And seriously I only know the actor names for the T-drama one because of such people as mistressalissa who is on my flist). The people who -really- care about the story, care about what is right -will- give the T-drama a chance (either that or write someone BEGGING for an anime.. come on that would be so fucking awesome).

So I'm going to watch it, and if I deem it any good, I WILL retract everything I said, but once again there are standards that I have in regards to this and I won't sway from my standards. And I still maintain the fact that Umeda being gay -is- a plotpoint, because that is how he becomes her advisor in the first place, he senses her because he has a thing for sensing women, since he is gay and evidentally gay men can tell if it's a boy or just a girl in drag.

Oh a cheerful note! MY LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY! *squees* *dances*

Everything and anything could go wrong today and I wouldn't care.. because IT IS MY LAST DAY! AHAHAH

Oh yes and I've decided that unless anyone else has.. I want to be the first one to write a Dorothy/Ozma fic. Because that's just hot.. really it is. So I'm going to spend my LAST DAY OF WORK thinking of Ozma/Dorothy smut. (once again.. soooo going to hell) And Dorothy -is- Ozma's favorite and all, even says so in the books. I realize I'll be breaking a few brains, but that's alright! I HAVE A DUSTPAN!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~tinrobo WINZZ0RS~

So tinrobo at a mention of something from me drew Emperor Cain in GOTHIC LOLITA. That wins and pwns so very much. Because even Solarian dictators don't look good in pink ALL the time. /shot* That is so precious and it makes my heart wibble, it reminds me of the good old times where I played dress-wearing Emperor Cain over at squenix_uni. (Inspired of course by my "I feel pretty" icon)

Those shoes though are the BEST! Excuse me while I fangirl tinrobo shamelessly. (I thrive on Xeno-crack in all forms... from Jesiah's hairy legs *lord knows how Raquel tolerates them* to Cain in a dress.. and pretty much anything in between.)
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~ATTN Flist~

~Pick a Number between 1 and 4,133~ (This is for the deciding of the DAILY DOWNOAD!)

People who cannot pick -Back as many people as I deem applicable- (if your name is on the list.. don't bother picking a number)

fuyou - "Point of No Return" by Expose.
akomachi - "Little L" by Jamiroquai
omienesis - "Que Sera Sera" by Anamu & Maki
baranohanayome - "Shiroi" by Malice Mizer
von_questenberg - "Should of Known Better" by Richard Marx
miang - "Star of Hope" from Xenogears: Time and Space.. a Tribute Album.
mistressatma - "Move On" by Eskobar
kyoujaku - "Verweile Doch" by Koyasu Takehito
cocacat15 - "Suffer Well" by Depeche Mode
spleen - "I Don't Wanna Cry" by Mariah Carey
coldwriter - "Whisper from the Mirror" by Keiko Matsui
fuckyeah - "Crash into Me" by Dave Matthews Band
sugaahcube - "Pain in Me" by Second Sight
vash987 - "Trauma" by Ayumi Hamasaki


And see! I said I was going to make an Ozma icon. She's so damn awesome... and her birthday is August 21st which makes her a virgo.. (just barely out of Leo). <3<3<3 for Ozma.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


This is your new icon, and I figured you just needed a 'bite me' icon with everything you've been going through at work. So enjoy, I know you wanted an icon of that anyways, but it just sort of came together when I was mulling over your crappy-ass day. *hugs* I love you.

Gintama is so fucking awesome.
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