May 16th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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So my ipod has a name. It's called "jyuukoi" because somehow whenever I think of music, I think of my Ukitake muse. Because he would be the one most likely to obsessively carry around an ipod, those ibuds probably having taken root in his ear or something along those lines. And he doesn't even have a whole lot of music attributed to his name, just when I think of happy fun ipod time, I definitely think of Ukitake.(could this be a telling of how freakish I am? you be the judge).

I still have to convert alot of my music into a lower bitrate. (I am of the opinion that anything over 128 is probably overkill. >.> and I freak out when I see 320 bitrate, I mean seriously.. maybe this is my virgoean O.C coming into play. I don't know, I really get mired down in really simple shit sometimes (you guys didn't want to be around me when I was organizing my folders and implementing a system in which I could find everything nicely) Sometimes I forget I'm a virgo because of the fact that if I'm not at work, clutter just abounds (work doesn't count, I'm getting paid to make sure everything runs smoothly and by damnation it will run perfectly, everything will be spotless by the time I leave they are so going to miss me). But give me some task, and you'll probably realize how fitting of a virgo I actually -am- because I can get positively obsessive compulsive.

Tonight I need to buy more CD-RW discs, I'll do that on my 15 minute break. (or lunch)

Ahahaha yay I have a shiny new ipod!

Which reminds me, I am so waiting for a New Kids on the Block song to come on Alexi's ipod (it does exist on there) but well in 4,000 + songs, it'll get lost.. but one day it will come out and he'll have to purge his playlist in order to keep the things he actually wants. I'll be in Michigan, laughing SADISTICALLY! (his words right now upon reading that is probably 'thanks, asshole!")
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