May 12th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Questioned by denglongfist~

1. How did you get involved with Xenogears, and which moment of the game was your favorite?: Well back before Xenogears, I was VERY much into Final Fantasy. So I guess that it was my cue-in to Xenogears.. -and- of course the little hint from FF7 that alluded to Xenogears. I forget what it was but something about Cloud in his lifestream!retard state going "a thousand shards of light, xenogias.". I was too busy thinking Final Fantasy 7 was the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time. (imagine that? now I don't even -like- the game save for Tifa/Aerith and the turks sans Vincent) But then when I was online RPing, I had a friend that just fanfagged squaresoft... and we were fairly close, he ended up telling me to buy Xenogears, so I did.. even though mechs weren't my thing. But going up that mountain and heading into the Uzuki residence, yes.. it won my heart and I found out that I loved Citan Uzuki like no other.

My favorite moment however is Solaris, the Soylent System. That is so very much my favorite moment that I named my icon journal soylent_icons. Just the fact that Fei and Elly are just attacking that canned meat and Citan is watching, and then the next door and they realize how that meat is made and where it comes from. That was certainly a very bastardly thing for Citan to do, but the sheer enormity of Krelian's entire underground complex was too impressive, it was like a layer of secrets over another layer.

2. If there was an artist you could go and see live, which one would you choose to go see?: Invivi - Her Bleach art makes me sob with pleasure. And her Shunsui/Ukitake stuff just floors me. One of my favorite pictures of hers is Partner of my Life and she seems to be one of those japanese fanartists that just seems to have all sorts of pairings that are really touching. Regardless of gender. (and Byakuya/Rukia too SQUEE)

3. In your humble opinion, who is the best vampire ever?: See I don't know.. I mean I liked the Vampire Chronicles, but I was also partial to Memnoch from the Vampire Chronicles. But if you think about it in terms of pure freak out potential, I was absolutely FRIGHTENED of Nosferatu.

4. Which place in the world do you think is most fascinating?: A combination of Disneyland as well as Neuschwanstien Castle. The latter having a copy in the later (since Disneyland castle was modeled after Neuschwanstien Castle) but then I have a natural fascination for every thing that King Ludwig II made... and just compelled by the madness that drove him to build those fantastic castles. They are the true epitome of 'fairy tale'.

5. Which song would you think describes yourself and would you share that song with me? Well I've already made a Hyu/Nia FST which can be found Here. I've already done it.. I know that's pretty silly I know, but well it was all apart of a therosemansion activity. I don't really have descriptions of why the songs fit, just lyrics of the ones that most strongly resemble me.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Victorian: "Makes Perfect Sense to Me" ~Meredith/Seren~

Fandom: Xenogears/Saga AU Victorian RP
Pairing: Meredith/Seren (Female versions of Roni Fatima and Xenogears OC, Mathias Jaevyn -nisan era-)
Song Inspiration: "Ain't no Sense in Love" by Take That
Comments: We -just- dreamed up this pairing today, and I think I fell in love with it just a little bit, we haven't even RP'd this yet I was compelled to write this before I went to bed *Meredith wouldn't let me sleep until I had written this out*. I love the barrage of inspiration that both I and shuufish have going, it's like magic when we hit upon something -just- right, it's a magic that has been going on for over two years now. Stuff like this proves that she's my muse -and- my partner in crime.
Warning: Lesbians.. and the mention of lesbian sex at the very end. (the world needs more yuri love, seriously). If you're okay with the gay buttsecks but not with the implication of hot girl on girl action. Don't bother clicking the cut text.. you'd probably puke anyways. Also beta'd? AHAHAHA no.

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"You're not the one I need,
you're just the one that i want..
Makes a perfect sense to me"

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