May 11th, 2007

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I have the next two days off, and it seems that the new foreman has taken a liking to me, so I've been nominated the unofficial middle ground between the foreman and the rest of the staff. I think it is because I'm a workaholic and the foreman's money grubbing aafes training recognizes this, she seems to recognize that I work my ass off, she also recognizes that I'm going to get stuff done without waiting to be told. (Because I hate it when anyone bosses me around.. I'll do what you tell me but I'd rather get stuff done on my own, when they hired me, they said I had to be a self-starter, I had to laugh.. now at home, not so much a self starter.. I have to be prodded)

So I work sunday with the new foreman to make sure that she can be trained while I manage the store myself which is fine with me, I've proven that I can do it adeptly. (When I close the store, Rose finds it impossible to locate mistakes, that is why she wants to make me nights but I'm predominately there for the lunch rush.) So you can imagine I feel fufilled, even though I'm leaving soon, besides management, despite their applauding my efforts, I still think it's asshatty and I can't wait to leave.

fandomsecrets, it's really amazing how everyone wants to make secrets just to be cool. Of course I've formulated a few secrets in my head, but I'm never going to muster the energy to.. because they are mean, they are spiteful and in the scheme of things, letting the dead rest is ultimately the best. I'm happy where I am, and I don't need to ressurrect legions of torch-bearing fangirls to throw fire at the castle that is my home. My only true fandom hate is Sigurd/Bart and just as long as no one posts any thing potentially wanky in my journal via comments about, 'OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THE BROTHERCEST U HEATHEN!" then we are all good because I'd likely reply with something scathing. Granted I've seen and read some Sigurd/Bart doujinshi, but honestly, that's only to nab the hot Sigurd pictures. (because Sigurd = #1 on my video games/anime fuck list.)

Of course it won't stop me from watching fandomsecrets and potentially replying to posts. But actually posting, nah. The net has enough wank as it is without me contributing to it in that manner.

I need to listen to Pandora because I need new music (I do a daily download for every three songs that I upload, or at least I try.. and I've not even downloaded any since the last one)

Edit: Oh yes, watched Spiderman 3 last night and I thought it was pretty good. I liked how Peter Parker looked when he went Dark Spidey. But seriously, he needed to cut those dance moves out.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Random spam.


I swear that the song that plays at the end of Fuyu Semi sounds like Enka.. it's good enough that I just have to keep it on my playlist.. not to mention MoriMori is one of my favorite seiyuu

If my spam annoys you.. just hammer my brain a few times, I'm just enjoying my day off. *woot*
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I forgot how full of gay Clamp Campus Guardians Duklyon was. There is Kotobuki and there is also Takashi/Kento. Oh yes and little cameos by my favorite incarnations of Ashura and Taishakuten, Shura and Tachiro. (the angsty pairing from RG Veda that seems a bit more normal in the Clamp Campus world). Oh but seriously in this manga, Clamp makes fun of themselves so much. It's beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes. (now to muster up the strength to make an icon of my favorite Inomomiya Shopping District Association Leader.)

I constantly am reminding myself how much Clamp is made of win and awesome.

And on another note.

~Pick a Number between 1 and 4,111~ (This is for the deciding of the DAILY DOWNOAD!)

People who cannot pick -Back as many people as I deem applicable- (if your name is on the list.. don't bother picking a number)

omienesis - "Que Sera Sera" by Anamu & Maki
baranohanayome - "Shiroi" by Malice Mizer
von_questenberg - "Should of Known Better" by Richard Marx
miang - "Star of Hope" from Xenogears: Time and Space.. a Tribute Album.
mistressatma - "Move On" by Eskobar
kyoujaku - "Verweile Doch" by Koyasu Takehito
cocacat15 - "Suffer Well" by Depeche Mode
spleen - "I Don't Wanna Cry" by Mariah Carey
coldwriter - "Whisper from the Mirror" by Keiko Matsui
fuckyeah - "Crash into Me" by Dave Matthews Band
sugaahcube - "Pain in Me" by Second Sight
vash987 - "Trauma" by Ayumi Hamasaki
farferello - "Question ~Remix~" by Toshiyuki Morikawa (Angelique)
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~Daily Download: Jamiroquai~

Title: "Little L" by Jamiroquai (SendSpace)
Genre: Groove Pop
Requestee: akomachi with 69.

Comments: I downloaded Jamiroquai, or rather started when my Jin muse suddenly professed an interest in music. Now of course he has alot of favorite bands.. like Mindless Self Indulgence (brady), 311, and a few other groups. Alot of this though that started when we started playing the 60's/70s Glam RP. (And he got into the whole groove thing.). It's wierd how I discover music based on my muses. I mean I wouldn't of started listening to Cake unless Umeda didn't like it.. or Dirty Vegas.. all Ukitake. That is why I like the advent of muses, it means that I'd be opening up to more music. Download this, because it's an awesome song anyways.. but then Jamiroquai has a way to carry a melody that's damn alluring.

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | "Seems like you're stepping on the pieces of my broken shell.. 'cos you make me love you, love you.. with a Little L." |

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

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So today wasn't completely a waste of time. I actually did something PRODUCTIVE.

I got my Resume out of the way. So now it's written and saved upon both my computer -and- my thumb drive. And so I'll have that ready for when I go up to Michigan. That and the Title for my Car was the main things, and I recieved the title today so that's packed away with my very important paperwork that is going up there with me.

Also additional note. I HAVE A SUBARU. shuufish read X/1999 (or at least the volumes that I had) and fell in love with Subaru.. so that means that my Seishirou has someone to stalk mercilessly. (oh yes and a Kamui too) (oh yes and WINZORS I ALSO HAVE A SORATA FOR MY ARASHI). And maybe a Yuuto for my Kakyou.. since I love that pairing even though it's not canon

There is something inherently wrong about this song coming on while I'm using a Seishirou icon. amirite?
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Welcome to tsundere and blue_hobbit over from the Bleach Friending Meme! One of course whom I know from over there at the shun_uki community (my most favorite LJ community ever, since both myself and my twin star live and die by the ShunUki love). Usually I don't pick up very many people adding me from memes because usually I don't consider myself -real- interesting.. and I'm often times VERY busy. But yay! I have an Isshin lover on my flist as well as a diehard Ukitake admirier.

Some random facts about me for the new people (and other people) on my flist.

1.) I have nine cats, or I will have nine cats.. for the next three weeks. In three weeks I'm going to start my long drive to Michigan to live with my twin star, shuufish (who also happens to be the Shunsui to my Ukitake) *I also have to mention that I usually mention shuufish alot.. she's my partner in crime.)
2.) I'm a big music whore, in fact my ipod is in the mail and I couldn't be anymore thrilled then to load up all my music on to the ipod. I like rock, 80s, alternative, jpop, jrock (some), synthpop, operatic metal.. really I'll give anything a listen generally.
3.) I make icons, but they're never that good. (same with web graphics). It's just a random hobby I have I guess, something I do when I'm REALLY bored.
4.) I'm a lesbian.. but there are certain guys (anime and video game) that could potentially turn me straight if they cared to walk out of their respective screens.
5.) I'm a virgo with a scorpio ascendant and a taurus moon. What does that mean precisely? I'm the type of person that is unfailingly polite and laid back and it takes me a world of time to get angry.. but when I do.. better stand back.
6.) I secretly listen to Barry Manilow songs (and sing along)
7.) I've no religion. I used to be wiccan, I guess the closest I'd be would be pagan with scholarly leanings.


And completely unrelated to anyone but shuufish

Here is our matching Fuuma and Kamui icons. ILU! so glad you're into X/1999


Collapse )

Wow, I've been to alot of places. Can't wait for Macinac Island though.
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