April 29th, 2007

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I haven't posted except for inconsequential things, yes. But I was too busy enjoying my few days off. On friday I had business up in Boise, but then after that, both pimp_kitten and I went to the Olive Garden and had many an interesting conversations. (really the two of us combined, it's like the unholy duo.. I'm fairly certain that when Alexi comes up to Michigan for Halloween, we'll both have Todd and shuufish going "whut?"). But it was pretty much fun and relaxing.

There was a shuffle in the muse-waters but it got resolved fairly quickly, I blame it on Hyuga being a scorpio absolutely. And the fact that sometimes he can't take jokes. (if he could, I imagine that him and Jin would get along -alot- better).

We burst out Anubituf and Guragief to play for a while, and they are always fun, especially considering my Anubituf always tends to make Guragief blush like no one's business. (Poor Guragief). The next people to enter in the Dragon Riders RP will be Seiran and Ensei (the spies sent down to Syratica by Clow Reed himself... yes, Clow is like the closest thing I think to the King's Royal Advisor, he's not just the court fortune teller.. which I think in essence tells alot about how Mystae is.) (oh yes, and Clow sent Seiran and Ensei on a mission together because he is amused at how they play off each other.. and Clow Reed needs to be constantly amused, amirite?). Now after that we can probably have Nevirille sneak onto Balthier's aircraft.

(for anyone lost at the above paragraph, it's a HUGE crossover RP.. inserting our favorite characters into a world of our own design. It's full of dragons and other fun stuff.)

I have to go to work tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to at all, but well what can you do? I wonder if the health inspector came back (long long long story from thursday, a slightly painful story). If not I guess the priority is keeping the store -really- clean... though I am convinced that we wouldn't of gotten such a bad score had Chigdem not ARGUED with the inspector.. (yes she was telling him how to inspect) so of course valuable lesson, don't argue with the inspector, yes?)

Which reminds me.

duokinneas, destry & momo

WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO START PLANNING OUR LAST FLING, YES/NO? (plz circle) Because I have a month left until I'm out of Idaho.. and our chinese food place shall be LONELY without our conjoined jello molestations.
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