April 8th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Lions and Tigers and Lesbian Clow Cards.. oh my~

I added two very crazy interests to my userinfo,

1.) Lesbian Clow Cards (Light/Dark will be my Clow Card OTP)
2.) Al-Cid's Crotch (it compells you.. no, I don't remember how to do the macarena)

This is because I'm tired and I have to go home tomorrow. It's a good thing because I do miss the cats, but it's sad because I feel like I am failing Mish in not being able to be here for longer, however my work would fillet me and I am going to have a busy time from now until the time when I hop in my car and start the move.

It will be an adventure, that's for sure.. and once I move out, that will be an era of my life that ends. People with scorpio ascendants have many different eras that seem almost completely unrelated to the natural progression of life. I look at myself in high school and think that it is a far departure from what I am now... and it's good. So yes progression in it's way... definitely.

Yay! now to make my lesbian clow card icon.. which will probably be the only icon of it's existance. Teehee


There is my clow card otp!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~OMG it's a rant~

Subject: icons

There have been a bunch of ranting about the popular community, iconrants and well I feel like I should say something... or not should, but rather want to because everyone wants to comment or the like especially in an online venue.

I love making icons, it's the most fun that I can have that doesn't involve RPing with shuufish, watching anime, or going to Wal-mart with pimp_kitten. I enjoy the practice and the fact that with every time I icon, I can feel that I am improving. I don't make them for the general populace but if I store one over at soylent_icons, everyone else is free to use it. I overall make them because I like to do it, I'm no longer worried about following trends, I icon what I want to icon, if someone crics me, well that's their perogative.

There are certain people though who take joy in undermining the efforts of others by ruthlessly and viciously attacking the things that others have made. I've never been one who has ever or will ever support this. Because while my icons are slowly getting decent, there was a time when I put out icons that looking back weren't very good, but by damn it, I was proud of them. And those icons are still on my computer because they are little stepping stones, all of my past work is.

People should be encouraged in wanting to do something creative, so if they want to make icons.. then they should.. they should put their hearts and souls into it and importantly they should like what they put out... because each icon is a tiny little universe, buillt out of thoughts, lyrics, inspiration. I've seen so many good icons that people have done. And I don't know what thought processes go through them... but I can see that there was a whole realm of thinking that had no part in empty icon making.

Next time you post on icon-rants, remember that icon making isn't about stroking your bnf icon cock, but rather putting your soul into something pretty, something that is almost like a child to you. Exclusion layers, tiny text, saturation.. it's all good.. just as long as -YOU- like what you are doing.

I'm lucky that I've had alot of icon-sensei's along the way. To help build up my confidence to patient crit and suggestions, but they've always allowed me to branch off into my own venue, and that is what is the most important thing.. that you slowly develop your own sense of what works for you, without being afraid of expirentation.