March 28th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Today I woke up very lazy. Didn't do a whole lot, both shuufish and I watched that episode of Card Captor Sakura that always makes me and pimp_kitten cry. (Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories). Then we headed to St. Ignace in order to go to her doctor's appointment to get checked up... and OH! I GOT TO HEAR MIDORI'S HEARTBEAT. It was so very cute, I think I sapped alot. Then we came back home, had a long drawn out conversation on our father's and came home to see Todd (who cooked dinner). We are now watching Family Guy while everyone is puttering around online.

Mish hasn't seen the first two OVA's of Marimite so I suspect we'll get to do that later, and I have some Xenosaga III to play. Today has been a good day, and really all we are doing is waiting for Midori to start kicking and wanting out *it could happen any day... really*

Also good news, they might have a position open for me at the college, proctoring tests. It's small yes, but it'd open the door and I am willing to take anything in order to open that door. I also am going to go around sometime next week and collect applications. I have thought of the possibility that I may leave sooner.. who knows. I'm keeping possibilities open for the most part.

So that's my day in a nutshell, yes it's boring but it's filled with the promise of change.