March 27th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Here Here Here~

Okay so I made it safely to Michigan and I am up here, where it is surprisingly not that cold at all. I am able to wear a t-shirt and my lightweight track jacket comfortably. So yes indeed that is very pleasant, it is nice not to be faced with 'gentle michigan breezes'.

Let me recount yesterday, because believe me, it was a doozy.

I seem to have a hatred of all people on airplanes. The airlink between Detroit to Pellston was pleasant and the flight attendant was very nice, but the ride to Minnapolis was excruciating, so was the ride to Detroit (a girl who couild of been attractive to someone sat next to me, and she didn't mind tellng me that she found my phoenix wright game annoying *yeah screw her*) So we were trading snarky comments back and forth, she even tried to say that I had taken her window seat and then I showed her my TICKET. DURH.

Pellston though, the flight got in fairly early and I had to wait for them to get there, but finally they did. It was nice to actually get to hug shuufish and then hug Todd too. We didn't get back to the Soo until 2 am.. and by that time I just crashed, and Primera crashed right next to me.. or rather mew'd. i got to sleep in the attic, but it's a nice warm attic. YAY!

I went to Walmart to pick up some shampoo and stuff to store here, we also picked up some food for groceries and now I am set to spend a fairly lazy evening probably. (episode 35 of Saiunkoku awaits >.>)

But yes, just wanted to tell everyone that no, no freak plane acccidents occured though with my exceedingly morbid mind, I was thinking about it, mark my word.
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