March 21st, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~ Continuation~

So this is directly related to the Tsubasa/Vic/Fai topic. But seriously, who thinks that Vic is going to get lynched the moment that he says, in any Clamp panel he participates in, that homosexuality is not what CLAMP intended? Come on, let us see a show of hands? He has to remember that the Clamp fandom is far different from the FMA panel. All of the yaoi fans (with the exception of the sane ones who probably hid in the shadow) were probably not the most sane, and definitely a trifle rabid. But Clamp fans, all the sane ones are out because homosexuality of any type is something that Clamp condones with their writing. The absolute moment he tries to pull that same shit with a CLAMP panel, he's going to get torn to shreds, and not by the rabid ones.

I hope he doesn't use this as a mission to disprove every gay couple in CLAMP.

In future CLAMP panels featuring Vic, I expect commentary, and possibly pictures. Or else I'll have to scour youtube.

Also pimp_kitten went to Vic's site, and now you know the title page where Vic is siting on the stool, and if you mouse over rapidly, Vic looks up from whatever he is doing, well Alexi said that animation would make a good "surprise buttsecks' picture. And now he seriously wants it.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~ATTN Flist~

~Pick a Number between 1 and 3987~ (This is for the deciding of the DAILY DOWNOAD!)

People who cannot pick -Back 10 people if applicable- (if your name is on the list.. don't bother picking a number)

spleen - "I Don't Wanna Cry" by Mariah Carey
coldwriter - "Whisper from the Mirror" by Keiko Matsui
fuckyeah - "Crash into Me" by Dave Matthews Band
sugaahcube - "Pain in Me" by Second Sight
vash987 - "Trauma" by Ayumi Hamasaki
farferello - "Question ~Remix~" by Toshiyuki Morikawa (Angelique)
destry - "Love is Strange" by Wolfsheim
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Daily Download: Depeche Mode~

Title: Suffer Well by Depeche Mode (SendSpace)
Genre: Current Depeche Mode (depeche mode is really their own genre by now)
Requestee: cocacat15 with 3

Comments: The fact that this song is up here makes me giggle, if only because it appears on the SIMS 2, in simlish. And it's done by the band, in fact there was a music video made for it, a sim music video. I really want the version of this in simlish, I think that'd be awesome. But yes, this song reminds me of pimp_kitten for seriously. It's a great song, and one of those songs that it just sort of grows on you. It is also a fairly current Depeche song, coming from their latest album. So I definitely suggest you download.

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | "From the blackest room I was torn / You called my name / my love was born / So I believe" |

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Soubi! Because I read volume 4 and I loved that shot of him, I think Soubi with his hair up is absolutely gorgeous. I have the original picture but ever since GJ did away with their free photo hosting, it sucks for me to upload things. >.>

Just wanted to share, and yes you can yoink this icon, with credit of course. Most of my icons are yoinkable save for the ones that are steeped in inside jokes, those you can't have.
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