March 8th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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You know, I woke up and realized I need a Sigurd icon. >.> Why don't I have a Sigurd icon? I have a picture of Al Cid's crotch.. but NONE OF SIGURD. I must remedy this. The only person I added was rhymed (Akiha-Umeda Y/N? I call the force add card which is apart of my special Hyu-clow cards set). But I commented on other people's journals to get to know them better. If I am truly fired by a pairing, I will add people that like that same pairing. And she RPs Io.. come on, isn't that the coolest thing ever.. IO is 'I dressed my little brother in girl clothes when he was younger' love

I also want to add some people in the Saiunkoku Monogatari fandom.. but I'm shy where that is concerned so I'll just sit in my little corner and play with my Ensei and Seiran dolls. (shuufish is using the Shuuei/Kouyuu dolls right now.. so can't play with them)

Edit: Dear Hyuga, your boyfriend is hot.. undeniably hot. If there's anyone who could turn me straight, it'd be him. PLZ TO BE BORROWING Y/N.

Hyuga: N....

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The Power of Al-Cid's Crotch~

mishakel7: I'm sure there are more but my mind just went blank
Hyu Ricdeau: Yes me too.. *hugs* it's the power of al-cid's crotch
Hyu Ricdeau: you just got hypnotized
mishakel7: Oh.. is that why I was thinking of white spandex?
Hyu Ricdeau: Probably.. >.> the white spandex > al-cid's penis
mishakel7: *shakes head* I'm not sure one can think about that for too long without having negative effects.. like going blind or having to dance the macarena

Seriously, this is why I love this woman. >.>
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