February 23rd, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Believe me, the sun always shines on TV~

There is a reason that I never do anonymous memes.. ever. You'll never see any anonymous memes in my journal.. you know, the whole "Log in anonymously and tell me what you really think of me..". come on, if someone isn't going to have the guts to say it to my face with their user name attached to their statement, why am I going to give them the chance to say it under the scaffolding of 'anonymous'. People have automatically proven that once the whole 'anonymous' comes up.. well you know, 'anonymous doesn't forgive' a'la 4chan... and seriously if anyone has any big problems with me, I expect to have it said to my face, from that person's face.

I'm glad that the Tenipuri anony-meme got suspended, I am glad that the Bleach one got deleted, because honestly those memes serve to make no one feel good about themselves.. I know I've had a rant about this previously, but I don't care.. I'm following through on it. Fuck BNFs, fuck Elitists.. write what you like, like what you write.. fuck everyone else. That's what I say. That's probably why my fanfiction journal is so far hidden away so I don't have to have intense public exposure and garner attention from people who 'think' that they should be envying me.

On a happier note.

Jeriah/Jakob.. rabu rabu rabu rabu rabu! <3<3<3. Their scenes always kill me with sap but in a totally good way. Next scene will be BREAKFAST AT UKITAKE'S HOUSE. Poor Shunsui is going to get kid-piled. But I'm sure he can handle it. (Modern day high school RP which is nicknamed "Brady" because of the two dads and each dad has three sons from a different marriage... it was crack that was inspired over a phone conversation.. that family is primarily Xenogears/saga characters HOWEVER their family friends.. from different fandoms.. like Shunsui, Ukitake, Gojyo and Hakkai. (and when Jin hits college, there will be Kakashi and Iruka.. and then when Sigurd and Hyuga reach college.. Umeda and Akiha)

Mish needs to watch Rozen Maiden.. I'm sure she'd like it. Damn it, I still need a Suiseiseki icon.. D'oh

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~HanaKimi Umeda-spam.. episode 8, 1 /of/ 1~

There isn't very many pictures, but hey, it'll be fun because there are some priceless pictures of Umeda in this update. And oh my god, Umeda in a button down shirt and tie. Of course he wasn't skulking around in bushes like he was supposed to do in this particular episode, but I'm happy because it's been true to form so far.. and so I guess this version of Umeda is too good to skulk around in bushes. (but we still know he's nosy when it comes to the rest of the Umeda-clan)

Feel free to use these caps for icons or graphics, all I ask is a comment saying that you appreciate the caps *and sharing with me what you created*.. all I ask

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Next time on Umeda-Kimi.. Umeda gets his chance to grope someone on the taikwondoe club. Really anything until episode 13 comes along when his personal form of cockblock comes in to deter any Umeda/Male action that doesn't involve him. Umeda, enjoy your freedom while you can!
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