February 22nd, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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First of all, I'm feeling much better. Certainly good enough to go to work. But I did absolutely nothing on my day off except for putter around and be sick (and watch Scrubs). However on a minus-note, pimp_kitten is sick and that makes me sad. (because I got him sick.. bleah).

Yesterday we watched a whole bunch of Bleach, so we are now caught up. *and Nanao-chan thinks that schoolgirl outfit is VERY nice on Rangiku.. enough that she nosebleeded a little bit.. her hormones what with being preggy, yeah.. they've been surging*

We -tried- to watch through the fillers of Naruto and then I was like, "Umm this isn't something I want to watch while sick." So we're going to start seriously watching it when I feel better, though honestly, with the exception of KakaIru.. I've really stopped caring about what happens to Team 7. I am not sure if Shippuden will be any better.

Last night I told Mish that with the exception of her Kakashi muse, I could really care less, and I do mean that.

Now to check to see how they've gotten on episode 8 of HanaKimi. Woot! Now there is a series I REALLY care about. Edit: THEY ARE ENCODING.. so in the next two days. HANAKIMI FOR ME! <3<3<3<3