February 18th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Reason why I love my Twin Star~

For conversations like -this-

Hyu Ricdeau: They evidentally lost track of the luggage before it went to Denver.. so it wasn't on the plane with Alexi.
Hyu Ricdeau: Alexi left his number and they should be delivering it today
mishakel7: That bites. I'm sorry
Hyu Ricdeau: Well I'm not the one upset, it was Alexi really that was upset.
Hyu Ricdeau: And I know, work is gonna bite. >.>
mishakel7: Well, maybe having Hakkai for company will make it better?
Hyu Ricdeau: Ahahahah
Hyu Ricdeau: He'll poke my eye out!
Hyu Ricdeau: With youkai cock
mishakel7: Mmm... cock in the eye always makes it better!
Hyu Ricdeau: There are several muses that agree wtih me
Hyu Ricdeau: Or rather agree wtih you
mishakel7: You could think 'This day could really suck if I didn't have this cock in my eye'
Hyu Ricdeau: Ahahaha.. well at least it isn't SCORPIO cock
Hyu Ricdeau: which is the worst kind of cock to have in one's eye
mishakel7: I know... I get to have Scorpio cock in my eye all day
Hyu Ricdeau: Because it's usually big enough for TWO eyes
Hyu Ricdeau: Yes, scorpio cock does not forgive!

And with that.. I'm off to work. ILU shuufish