February 6th, 2007

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Well if anything, Umeda has claimed "Come Here Boy" for his sex song with Akiha. (though he realizes that it wouldn't be appropriate to play at the same wedding that his MOTHER is attending.. even though he knows she'd giggle, no he doesn't want to give her that opportunity, he he has stored that song in his room. >.>). Hell I have a good idea of what happens in Umeda and Akiha's room, and I think that this early in the morning, I'm leaving the imaginings -out- of my head.

He has so far either picked "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie, or "Being Boring" by Pet Shop Boys.. however he's not sure because each of those songs represent one half of the couple.. the Bowie song for Akiha and the Pet Shop Boys for Umeda.

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"I'd never dreamt that I would ever get to be
The creature that I was always meant to be
But I thought, in spite of dreams,
You'd be sitting somewhere here with me."

Umeda has different songs, however this one is the most romantic one that he could think of, which leads me to think that Umeda isn't very romantic at all. But it's still favorable toward Akiha. (unlike some of the other songs that he had picked out.. in which Oriya shot them all down). Ah, he has like 5 days left so it's all good. He has a few days to think about it. He also doesn't know who's going to marry them, however I think that's not in consideration right now since this wedding is going to take place in like.. 10 MONTHS! (I know, he gave us ALOT of time.. and him and Akiha will be our longest engaged couple in the muse box.. on their wedding day they will have been engaged for exactly ONE year *true to Akiha's birthday on which they will tie the knot*)
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