February 4th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The Wedding plans of Umeda and Akiha.. by Seira~

Sanzo is still writing his little 'sermon' for Gojyo and Hakkai's wedding. Umeda was smoking and watching him when suddenly SEIRA bursts in and demands of her son when he was starting to make plans for him and Akiha's wedding (which is happening this year, November.. approximately). And then the subject of wedding song came up, and Seira told her son that "Every Other Time" by LFO doesn't count as a suitable song for a wedding. And so Umeda has ONE WEEK in order to find an appropriate song for his and Akiha's wedding.. and if he doesn't, then Seira picks for them(him).

I'm eager to see what Umeda pulls out of his ass. *coughs* He's already making a list. I expect there will be alot of rejecteds along the way.

Seira is inadvertantly forcing Umeda to bring all of the meaning that he feels for Akiha up to the surface, she's very sneaky.. I'd expect that from a woman from that family. (Umeda won't be able to get out of it.. because if he doesn't pick one, Seira has some Modern Talking lined up that she REALLY likes.) Oh yes, and Umeda needs to write in 200 words or more about 'why this song fits him and Akiha'. Yeah, she's officially evil.

Seira has picked out the wedding song for if Umeda doesn't come through in a week.

Sexy, Sexy Lover by Modern Talking.

He won't be able to cop out on this one, he HAS to make a decision or else be submitted to this song playing as they walk down the aisle. This is literally putting the fire underneath Umeda's ass.

LAWL, muses.

Oriya (who is his best man) is trying to help him figure out songs, however he's not helping because he's probably just as likely to not admit to wanting a romantic song for him and and the crazy doctor. (I mean his song for Muraki is "Get Over You" by Sophie Ellis Bextor)

In real life note, I dropped pimp_kitten off at the airport, I'll miss the punko.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Larsa and Al-Cid HURRAY~

Changed my default. Bye Umeda-cakes! Time for a little Larsa/Al-Cid love. (I like Larsa and Penelo together, however I like Larsa and Al-Cid a LEETLE bit more... but still I have no doubt Larsa and Penelo get married and have cute moppety kids.. but I love to entertain the idea of an alliance that is based on Larsa and Al-Cid's mutual affection for each other). <-- *and no Larsa is NOT uke kthxbai.. shota-bait yes, but seme shota-bait. LOL just kidding.. as with all of my muses, he's neither seme or uke but a comfortable mixture of BOTH*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I'm starting to like icons without text..

I mean I like text. But I'm starting to believe that an image says a thousand words.

But I still do like text and I'll use it, but there'll be more icons without text.
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