February 3rd, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~My Night of Drunken Revelry~

Oh my god, a post that isn't about Phoenix Wright (though rest assured, I'll get to that later.. because I'm going to babble a -leeetle- bit).

Went out and got drunk yesterday night. Yeah that was fun, I didn't get toasted but I certainly uninhibited enough to smack my co-worker Sam on the ass a few times, but hey, it wasn't my fault that she was like dancing close to my chair and well my hand just sort of came out and just smacked her ass. Alexi lol'd over it a few times. (even though he did say that it was like watching his sister smack a girl's ass.. meaning he wasn't turned on by it.. well I'm glad). But for the most part I stayed in my chair and watched the Spindley White Guy dance. (No, there's a reason why no girls wanted to dance with him.. because he was doing the white boy attempt at a rap dance... it was really ludicrous) and then of course there was the guy with the homing device in his groin.. you know the type of guy that on the dance floor seems to want to dry hump while his partner wants to dance. I swear she kept pushing him away and his groin just kept like aiming at her like a missle.. it also made me realize why I swore off guys long ago.

What was the damage you ask?

2 Long Island Iced Teas
1 Strawberry Daqueri
2 Shots Tequila Rose
1 Coconut Rum and Coke.

Really it wasn't a whole lot.. in retrospect. But the second LIIT was a little bit stronger then the first. (but two dollars.. HEY YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT PRICE). And the last drink was taken after a long trudge down two streets to go to another bar. (even though seriously, it was lame.. some band tried to do a cover of "Amber" by 311 and just totally sucking. It was amusing though because Alexi was trying to boo at them.) After that.. it was around 2 am I remember.. we headed home, I fell into bed and just conked out where I had wierd dreams about the Disneyland Parking Lot.

I woke up with a rather large hangover though, and it lasted through most of breakfast and it's still clinging to me like tentacle rape entrails. I want to gouge out my brain, that would be pleasant.

Yes, case 4 is definitely GAY. I swear, if Edgeworth could get any more gay.. teehee.. oh but I love him. And I'm amused by Von Karma.. and his tendancy to spout off things that the Judge should be saying.. and yet trying to pin Phoenix down to contempt of court. POOR PHOENIX. (and we all know that Edgeworth is probably in the stand secretly fangirling Phoenix.. you know it). I love this game, by alot.

Oh yes, and Garugrif and Anubitif.. yeah.. I love them. >.>
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