January 17th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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So the problem.. isn't really with the power supply. This of course means that I'm going to be grounded from doing my usual things online just a little bit longer then I had intended. It's not bothering me, it's really an inconvenience more then anything and I'm lucky to be online period. However Alexi is going to be delving into replacing my motherboard, CPU and getting a video card. He's going to do all of the pricing on it based on my needs, so I'm happy. I don't need a case, a hard drive or anything else because it's perfectly functioning, it's just probably the motherboard and the CPU that bites.

And of course until them.. my show watching is pretty much limited to HanaKimi (since I refuse to stop watching that) however bittorrent sucks on this computer so no Saiunkoku Monogatari or Bleach or anything like that. Nearly all graphics have stopped (*sobs: icons*) and so it's basically RPing on YiM with shuufish and watching HANAKIMI and all that (with the occasional music download).

Maybe I can get caught up on FFXII and Xenosaga III.. I know I REALLY need to work on the latter.

I don't know though, see Jin's not going to be crying.. but I am sure going to be sniffling.

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